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In response to: Cars and Bikes and Belts

Comment from: Laura Auriemma [Visitor]
Laura Auriemma

I…moved [from Lakewood] TO Jackson 25 years ago. At that time, Cross Street had 3 horse farms and no traffic lights. It looked like the perfect rural place to buy a home and raise my family. My husband and I spent many afternoons at the Lakewood riding center, and the wooded trails behind the farm. Those days are long gone - Eagle Ridge community is there now. I actually had tears in my eyes as I listened to the former owner of Hill Billy Haven declare that the last horse had left Cross Street.

[Editor’s Note: William and Sally Wells are the owners of Hillbilly Haven Feed & Supplies, located at 1101 Cross Street in Lakewood. Sally Wells is also a real estate agent with Re/Max in Lakewood. Last year, the couple signed a petition with 18 other area property owners. The petition asked members of the Lakewood Township Committee to rezone their properties from R-40 to R-75, which October 3, 2013 committee meeting minutes confirmed. Committeemen responded to the petition by proposing legislation that would rezone the area for more dense development, instead of less dense development. Sally Wells and the author of this comment, Laura Auriemma, discussed the proposed rezoning amendment at the April 8 meeting of the Lakewood Planning Board.]

My daughter had taken riding lessons there a few years back. To me, it was a defining moment - where the rural character of the area of Cross Street really is gone forever and I was witnessing the township officials plot and scheme its’ demise.

But a larger issue at stake here is that I, like so many other county residents, especially the towns which share a common boundary with Lakewood (Jackson, Howell, Brick and Toms River), must deal with the outrageous and irresponsible growth of Lakewood on a daily basis. And soon it will affect our wallets, as Cross Street is a county road. At some point, the county government will HAVE to step in and prevent this from happening. I may live in Jackson, but only a quarter mile from the Lakewood border. I deal with Lakewood traffic whenever I leave my house. It’s not good, it’s getting worse, and a few of the well connected officials in Lakewood will get rich from all this development, while the rest of us will have to pay for road improvements to accommodate it all - it is outrageous!

04/26/14 @ 18:13

In response to: Red Tape Trips up Development Objectors

Comment from: lakewooder [Visitor]

And they thought Chicago had mobsters. Lakewood puts them to shame!

01/03/13 @ 13:11

In response to: Lakewood Committee to Sell Off 11 Parking Spaces at Town Hall

Comment from: lakewooder [Visitor]

No surpise here, this is the way Lakewood does business. There is no concern for the consequence of their actions. In this case, build more and more, with little or no concern about parking, traffic & congestion. The only time it matters is when it does not suit their needs. Case in point: Georgian Court University wanting to expand parking on their own land. We have a bunch of self-serving politicians in this town. Everthing that can be wrong with how to run a local government has roots here in Lakewood.

10/29/12 @ 12:01

In response to: Lakewood Planning Board puts Revised Smart Growth Plan on Hold

Comment from: long time Lakewood resident [Visitor]
long time Lakewood resident

Lakewood residents have a real reason to be concerned about this plan that is ironically called Smart Growth. There has never been and never will be smart growth when you have builders calling the shots. When you look around this town it is obvious that there is no plan. The only concern is to squeeze as many families in as possible. I have never witnessed such an inept approach to growth as the one that is present here in Lakewood. The only driving force that is a concern is $$$$$$$$$$$. You can be sure at some point this plan will be rammed down our throats and the attitude of those who control things in this town is too bad if you don’t like it.

09/14/12 @ 19:04

In response to: Trash to Treasure

Comment from: lakewood resident [Visitor]
lakewood resident

Quote: “Case is before the court,” Ragonese told a reporter. “Order has been made for removal of items from both sites. We expect removal.”

Residents in Lakewood and Jackson also expect removal of the landfills, but under the terms of the consent order the DEP signed with Abadi, Jackson residents are likely to be left waiting for justice.”

It is very disturbing that there are people who think they can just flaunt the law by making up their own rules and doing as they please. Even more disturbing, it is not only being tolerated by local officials, but also the DEP.

08/08/12 @ 07:53

In response to: School Ethics Complaint Charges Toms River Reg. BOE Member with Lakewood Conflict of Interest

Comment from: lakewood resident [Visitor]
lakewood resident

Quote: “Last year, members of the Lakewood Industrial Commission reported that an increased number of tax ratables were selling their offices in Lakewood Industrial Park to tax-exempt non-public schools.”

What is this town going to do when the “industrial” park is no longer just that and becomes a “Campus” for private schools with no revenue coming in from business ???

I have to ask just what in the world are those who allow this type of poor planning THINKING when they allow this destructive arrangement that removes tax revenue from Lakewood. The motivation for such actions that allow private schools in a industrial park are highly questionable, not only for financial reasons, but also safety ones as well.

06/04/12 @ 13:30

In response to: A Life of Public Service

Comment from: long time resident [Visitor]
long time resident

It is my firm belief that positive change will come only when the state steps in to correct the many issues that face the Lakewood public schools. The BOE is not concerned with the public school students. Their only motivation is the perception of saving money so they hold onto control and stay in power. With a 37% graduation rate, this school system is without a doubt in dire trouble. Teachers have been without a contract for over two years. The children are the losers in the end and no one really seems to care.

04/20/12 @ 19:19

In response to: Lakewood Undocumented Find Work at Town Hall, Too

Comment from: Steve [Visitor]

Quote: “Local government officials paid with UEZ tax dollars not only represented a state program at an event that was held in violation of state and Federal equal employment opportunity laws, but according to the Scoop, those same officials organized it.”

Well I must ask who will be held responsible and what are the consequnces for violating both State & federal equal employment opportunity laws ?

03/04/12 @ 14:32

In response to: Lakewood BOE to Recruit Lakewood PD

Comment from: Steve [Visitor]

I feel for any parent that has school age children in the Lakewood public schools. When there is a huge amount of money going to transportation expenses instead of education, that is money not being used appropriately. How bad does it have to get before someone at the state level will take notice of the inept management by the Lakewood BOE? No one can be proud of such poor performance. With a 37% graduation rate, Lakewood has the honor of the lowest graduation rate in the state.

02/20/12 @ 16:25

In response to: Lakewood, Jackson UEZ Execs Show Reporter the Door

Comment from: steve [Visitor]  

Quote “No one will ever be able to challenge Komsa’s action; under current township policy, officials of the LDC and the Lakewood Industrial Commission routinely turn off tape recorders documenting meetings once an announcement is made that they are being held in executive session”
So much for open government, its not hard to understand why there is so much mistrust in public officials.
This is exactly why on a national level congress has the lowest approval rating ever
For all the reason brought up in this article I never shop in Lakewood for anything
I do not want any of my sales tax money being misapprpriated just the way it is in Lakewood .

01/03/12 @ 09:44

In response to: Lakewood BOE Bumps Durham Bus Hearing

Comment from: Steve [Visitor]

I find the situation with the lakewood BOE very disturbing for numerous reasons. I must ask who’s interest they have in mind when making policy decisions that affect the public schools. It does not take a genius to see there is a huge conflict of interest with this BOE as most members are beholden to their community and the private schools that they send their own children to. Perhaps if the BOE was comprised of members that truly represented the public schools, some of the probems that seeem to prevail here in Lakewood would not exist. With a town that has more private schools & students than the public school system, I ask who this BOE really represents?

09/27/11 @ 16:00

In response to: 2010 Audit Report Finds Lakewood Arrears a Taxing Problem

Comment from: Steve [Visitor]

I have followed all your articles on the things that take place here in Lakewood. You shed light on some of the behind the scene activities that otherwise would never see the light of day. While its very enlightening to read what occurs in local government and those who hold office ,in the same light its very disturbing to see some of the shady dealings that take place that seem to be all to common occurance

09/05/11 @ 20:37

In response to: Lakewood BOE Dodges NJ Deadlines

Comment from: Steve [Visitor]

Quote “On June 1, 2011, time ran out for local school officials in New Jersey.

On that date, an administrator for the Lakewood Board of Education failed to comply with deadlines established by state law under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA).”

So just what are the cosequences of not adhearing to State law concerning OPRA ? It seems to me that here in Lakewood unless there are stiff penalties for not following the proper procedures or guidlines those who are in control could care less what the law states . I find it very disturbing we have very poor leadership that seem only to want to circumvent the rules and keep things in the dark, if it were not for NJ News & Views no light would be shed on the misdeeds of this town

07/26/11 @ 12:44

In response to: GRC Grants Denial of Access Pass to Jackson School Officials

Comment from: Steven Yahr [Visitor]
Steven Yahr

It is refreshing to see that there is a ray of hope that the public is kept informed of some of the misdeeds that government officials see fit to keep in the dark . When there is no truthful reporting democracy is is a shallow word with no value to its citizens

05/30/11 @ 19:14

In response to: Not My Job

Comment from: Lakewooder [Visitor]

Thank you Joyce !
Great article you are the only one who says it the way it is. This place is the only source of the unbiased true, unpolitical facts about Lakewood and NJ in whole.

04/13/11 @ 07:37

In response to: Not My Job

Comment from: Steven Yahr [Visitor]
Steven Yahr

The only ray of light on what takes place here in Lakewood comes from NJ News & Views. There is no other factual reporting done by any other source that uncovers the corrupt dealings that takes place in this town. While it is good to know there is a source that keeps the public informed of the misdealings that take place here ,it is distubing despite the uncovering of illegal activities no one even from the state is willing to take any action to put a stop to the corruption

04/12/11 @ 16:34

In response to: Not My Job

Comment from: Glenn Brown [Visitor]
Glenn Brown

Thank you for your continuing journalistic efforts to shed light on the rampant corruption and malfeasance in Lakewood, surrounding areas, and NJ in general. 4 years ago I fled Lakewood to rural VA to escape high taxes and living in a society where special interests hold all the cards. Every article of yours I read validates that I made the right decision.

04/12/11 @ 09:12

In response to: Lakewood Plan to Go Green puts Taxpayers in the Red

Comment from: Glenn Brown [Visitor]
Glenn Brown

This seems like deja-vu of the co-gen plant debacle which made pie in the sky promises but never delivered.

02/16/11 @ 20:17

In response to: Lakewood Plan to Go Green puts Taxpayers in the Red

Comment from: Steven Yhar [Visitor]
Steven Yhar

Lakewood finds itself in the financial chaos it has thanks to the following “During the same meeting, committeemen approved two ordinances granting tax abatements.”
there are over 700 tax exempt organizations in the town of Lakewood , who do you think makes up for those that pay their fare share ????????

02/14/11 @ 15:03

In response to: Lakewood Poised to Chop Cop, DPW, Inspection Jobs

Comment from: Steven Yahr [Visitor]
Steven Yahr

I have to question why with all the underhanded manipulative goings on here in Lakewood there is no one in this state that will take on what seems to be Fraudulent activities. While this site does offer a true picture of the behind the scenes political manipulation of jobs & rules that otherwise would never make it to print anywhere else, I have to ask is there anyone who is willing to take action to stop it?

12/03/10 @ 16:24